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J. G. Hempler:  1861-1864

Pastor Hempler was the founding pastor who served in the log cabin church until ill health forced him to resign in September of 1864

Berthold Reinsch:  1864-1866

Pastor Reinsch served St. John Lutheran during a time when the church's congregation began to grow due to the influx of people coming from Indiana.

George Fikensher:  1866-1871

Pastor Fikensher also served during a time of congregational growth and the old log church became too small.  He became ill and had to resign.

J. G. Hempler:  1871-1890

Pastor Hempler returned to serve St. John after being called by the congregation.  In 1886, Pastor Hempler admonished the congregation of their duty to provide sufficient space for worship, so it was resolved to build a new church.  A new brick church was built with the cornerstone being laid on October 17, 1886.

J. Bucha:  1890-1893

During Pastor Bucha's ministry, the first parsonage was built.

E. Mensing:  1894-1901

During Pastor Mensing's ministry, the old log church was torn down in 1895.  The Sunday School building was erected in 1895.

P. J. Lamburtus:  1901-1902

During Pastor Lamburtus' ministry, a new Hinner's pipe organ was installed.

H. Klemm:  1902-1904

Pastor Klemm purchased 19 acres west of the church, and when he left in 1904, he sold this property to the church.

Jacob Burkhart:  1904-1906

F. Giering:  1906-1908

Herman Wittke:  1908-1928

During Pastor Wittke's ministry, the ground for the south cemetery was donated, and the sidewalk was built by the Luther League in 1920.

Ed Sorgenfrie:  1928-1930

Under Pastor Sorgenfrie's ministry, the Sunday School lessons and worship service was changed over from German to English.  A basement was also installed under the church.

H. Kovar:  1931-1933

Henry Rolloff:  1934-1944

Under Pastor Rolloff's ministry, the church was wired with electricity, and the school house was remodeled.






Frederick (Fritz) Alvin (F.A.) Wittig:  1944-1953

Pastor Witig was instrumental in the establishment of two church organizations:  The Women of the Church and the Brotherhood.

Marvin Krueger (Interim):  1953-1954

Pastor Krueger was an interim minister from St. Stephen's Lutheran Church in Metropolis.

Hartwig Harms:  1954-1957

Pastor Harms was instrumental in the planting of the pine trees around the church property.  Pastor Harms resigned in December, 1957 after 40 years in the ministry.

George Schleuter (Interim):  1958-1958

Pastor Schleuter was another interim minister from St. Stephen's Lutheran Church of Metropolis.

John Paul Dexter:  1958-1962

Under Pastor Dexter, the congregation entered upon a new church building program, and ground breaking took place on July 3, 1960.  The dedication of the new church building took place on April 16, 1961.

Ronald Kruger:  1962-1966

Harold Tegtmeier:  1966-1969

Pastor Tegtmeier established the first monthly SJLC newsletter.

Ervin Hesterberg:  1970-1971

During Pastor Hesterberg's ministry, the old Sunday School building was turned over to the youth for a Youth Center, and it was remodeled.

Willis Yarian:  1971-1979

Under Pastor Yarian's ministry, a Southeast Asian family (Tran's) was sponsored by the congregation.  They made the Youth Center their home.

Lewis Milejczak:  1979-1986

Under Pastor Milejczak's ministry, new "Lutheran Book of Worship" hymnals were purchased.  Also the wooden murals were commissioned and installed.

Raymond W. Heilener:  1986-1989

Daniel Knock:  1990-1995

Under Pastor Knock's ministry, the Altar Guild was established.  A new addition was also added to the church building and was dedicated on April 30, 1995.

Richard Keplinger (Interim):  1995-1995

Pastor Keplinger was another interim minister from St. Stephen's Lutheran Church of Metropolis.

Lisa Goodwin:  1996-2001

Under Pastor Goodwin's ministry, new "With One Voice" hymnals were purchased to be used with the green "Lutheran Book of Worship" hymnals. 

Richard Speer (Interim):  2001-2002

William H. Veith Jr. (Interim):  2002-2003

John Rogers (Interim):  2003-2006

Pastor Roger's was very instrumental in preserving the church's historical documents.  Pastor Rogers shared his carpentry skills with others in the construction of various pieces located throughout the church including the Communion Table.  A new sound system was constructed during his ministry as well as our church's first website.












Cindy Krause:  2006-2010

Under Pastor Krause's ministry, new cranberry hymnals were purchased.  Also, new Modernfold partitions were installed in the church basement.

Richard Hertenstein (Interim):  2010-2012

Under Pastor Hertenstein's ministry, new landscaping was completed around the church basement.  At the end of his ministry, St. John's Lutheran Church voted to leave the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) and join the NALC (North American Lutheran Church).

Donald Lindner:  2012-2016

Under Pastor Lindner's ministry, the church moved back from the cranberry hymnals to using the green "Lutheran Book of Worship" and blue "With One Voice" hymnals.  He was instrumental in the start of celebrating Holy Communion every Sunday.  The church Facebook page was also started during his ministry.  The church also started a contemporary worship service once a month.

John Rogers (Interim):  2016-2016

Pastor Rogers returned as an interim minister after Pastor Lindner's resignation.



Kent Hollis:  2016-2021

Under Pastor Hollis' ministry, the church website received a complete overhaul.  The tennis court was resurfaced, and the church started moving forward with a stronger online presence.  In 2019, the sermons started being recorded in a video as well as audio format.  The men's group breakfast was started back up and new flooring in the old office and new addition was installed by the Altar Guild.  The tennis court was resurfaced.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, the first parking lot services were held.  This lead to the purchase of a wireless FM transmitter, so that members in the parking lot could listen to the service over their radio in their cars.  Prior to the parking lot services, sermons were pre-recorded and uploaded to YouTube, the website, and other social media platforms to view oat service time Sunday mornings.  Weekly live streams on Facebook also started taking place.

Pastor Herman Wittke
Pastor Henry Rolloff
Pastor Fredeick (Fritz) Alvin (F.A.) Wittig
Pastor Hartwig Harms
Pastor John Paul Dexter
Pastor Ronald Kruger
Pastor Harold Tegtmeier
Pastor Ervin Hesterberg
Pastor and Mrs. Willis Yarian
Pastor Lewis Milejczak
Pastor and Mrs. Raymond W. Heilener
Pastor Daniel Knock
Pastor Lisa Goodwin
Pastor Richard Speer
Pastor John Rogers
Pastor Cindy Krause
Pastor Richard Hertenstein
Pastor Donald Lindner
Pastr John Rogers
Pastor Kent Hollis
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